Thank you so much for your kindness and all your help and positivity you have shown Gianni. I know Gianni is very sad about leaving Mary and also he adores you I hear many great things about you so from all of us a big thank you and I know I made a great choice in sending my son in such a wonderful and happy environment.


My daughter has become confident within herself. Her learning and development skills have improved dramatically. The staff are excellent, very easy going and they take the time to talk to us about any issues. Very approachable.


Leo had a great time on his first day with you. He has been singing "roll over roll over" and "fruit salad yummy yummy" and cried the day after because I said we WEREN'T going to 'school' again that day (he was keen to play with the London bus again!) Just thought I'd let you know!


It seems like a pretty unlikely place to find a good childcare centre at the back of a little shopping centre, but sure enough there it is. It’s mostly indoors with only a small section outside, but that’s not a big issue with a park just across the road. Mary and the rest of the staff run a wonderful centre, small enough that it feels like a big family daycare. Facilities are great and my son absolutely loves it. The next one will be moving there as soon as a space opens up

Dan Brettell

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for all you have done for Remy and myself, it has been by far the best experience I have ever had with a childcare service in Sydney. Kudos to all! Thank you! Claudio


We truly could not have managed this without the exceptional service provided by Mary's Kindy. I can say with absolute confidence that our son loves everyday at daycare. He is safe, the centre is unbelievably clean, there are toys galore, his needs are met but most importantly he is truly loved. We are grateful every day that we can go to work with the confidence that he is in such a wonderfully caring environment. I don't think there is a better daycare anywhere. We could not be happier or more grateful to the staff and centre management. Many thanks for everything you do, everyday. Jaimi


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