good setup with different activities. I like how all kids are involved with different age groups. Staff are lovely, friendly, wonderful patient and very informative and calm. I also like all the CD’s photos etc.. we receive for the kids. Sabrina is happy and she has better vocab and communication skills and is comfortable coming to kindy.


I enjoyed meeting Mary and the other staff seem terrific as well. I'm very impressed with the facilities - the toys, the cleanliness, the chairs and tables for children.I really like that it is a fairly small centre. What matters more than anything though is the staff - enthusiasm and warmth and Mary sure has a lot of that to go around.


I am really happy with Mary's kindy, our daughter raves about it. It's a fun and supportive environment for her and it's great for us to know she’s in caring and experienced hands


Great location. Very cute and friendly. Would definitely recommend it


So glad you’re back in the area and running your own centre. Thank you for all the work you did with my children at Ella. I highly recommend Marys Kindy to all parents. If you want someone to really care and treat your kids like her own then Mary is the person to see. again good luck and all the best :)


I have known Mary for the past 7 years from Ella childcare and the only reason i took my kids there and i think this goes for about 90% of all the other parents was because of Mary. Congrats on the new centre


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