Dear Mary I would like to provide a reference for the great service we receive at your wonderful centre. My son began childcare at Mary’s Kindy (CBD) at 7 months of age. It was a very smooth transition for all us, thanks to the excellent carers. Mary, Carla and Barbara, plus the other staff, make us feel extremely welcome every day. My son is happy to go and is excited when we arrive to go up the stairs and play with everyone. The centre also has a wonderful feel to it, is full of natural light and is very comfortable. I am constantly thinking how lucky I am to have them. I cannot speak highly enough of Mary’s Kindy and recommend them to everyone. Thanks Mary x


Fortunately I get to perform a lot of shows at child care centres, its not often I meet good people to work for at these centres and even more rare are well behaved children!! Tonight I really enjoyed my time with you all and that is what keeps me entertaining children ( and Adults haha!!) I will always remember my time tonight with you.

Tony – Magician

December 2014 - I am full of praise and admiration for the work that Mary and her staff do at Mary's Kindy. My son has been really happy there. In contrast to some of the chain corporate centres you may find, what I love about Mary's is that you never feel anonymous; the centre strives to get to know you and your child as part of their wider family. The staff are consistently engaged and participating with the children, there are a broad range of activities and lovely excursions, parents evenings, art shows, parties, all sorts. Mary's Kindy gives an intimate, pragmatic approach to providing an environment for your family daycare and I have seen my son's confidence grow through this. As parents we all know that finding good daycare is tough at the moment in the inner west, Mary always responds, and tries to help where she can, she understands the pressures of working parents as well as the needs of our children. I cannot speak highly enough! :-)


Most pleasant and safest environment and the friendliest teachers. Anika has learnt a lot since she started going to this centre. The staff are fantastic, they are always there when ever we need to talk. We always get good and constructive feedback about our daughter. Anika has been to other centres before this one and use to always come home unhappy, but with this centre it’s unbelievable, we can see she has joined the play groups and doing daily activities and most importantly she is very happy. She can’t wait for another Friday to come and really looks forward to the day. I believe happy child means happy parents. I forgot to say that she decided she does not want to stay at home anymore and wants to be at the centre


Dearest Mary, Bobby and Staff I would like express my deepest gratitude for everything that you have done with Olivia since she started at Mary's in February 2012. As you are aware over the passed couple of weeks, Olivia has been attending her Primary School interviews and not only were Leo and I impressed on how she did throughout the process, confident, not shy etc so were the principal of the schools. In particular the Principals were very impressed with Olivia's writing skills. When I mentioned that at the centre the children learnt how to write their name when they are 3 as a starting point, the principals were not only amazed, they were impressed at the brilliant way that you introduced letters to the children as the letters in their name are the letters they will be using their entire life. When asked more about what was taught at Mary's we discussed what they learnt during the Duckling and Rainbow stages and the principals were very impressed and said that what she has learnt and will learn is an amazing starting block for primary school. I would especially like to thank Belinda, who initially taught Olivia in the Duckling stage and taught her how to hold a pen and write her name. Belinda is a true asset to the school and now as the teacher of the Rainbow class, she will prepare all the kids perfectly for primary school with your amazing School readiness program. Thank you all again Lisa

Lisa C

Really happy after some very bad experience at another centre. It’s a pleasure bringing my son here. Staff are all wonderful and really caring for my child. I can tell they do it for the love and not for the money. Since starting here my son has really come out of his shell and his English has improved 100%


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