Mary – The Director

When Mary started her first centre it was started with only one goal, to operate a centre which feels like home. A centre which is different to all the other corporate run and externally managed services where love and passion has been taken out from running a childcare and replaced with ” How many children can we fit to keep our shareholders happy”


My name is Joyce. I am originally from South Korea and I have been living in Sydney for many years with my wonderful family. I am a childcare worker in Mary’s Kindy, CBD. I have been part of the Mary’s Kindy team for 2 years now and I have recently completed a Diploma in Childcare. I enjoy singing and dancing and really like bringing new songs for the children to learn in the center. As I am from Korea I have taught the children how to sing some familiar and well-known songs in my language, like ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. It is a great and fun way to teach them about other languages and cultures especially as many of the children attending the service come from bilingual backgrounds. As part of my role I assist other educators in planning and implementing the Mary’s Kindy curriculum for the 0-2 year olds attending the day care. It is a delight to work with this age group as I help and support them through their development and growth. I look forward to progressing in the childcare sector and being part of Mary’s Kindy for the years to come.




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We strive to differentiate ourselves from other centers within the industry and give you the peace of mind that your child will not be looked at as a number.

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