Marys Kindy School Program

Our Childcare program’s main focus is to help children build and extend on their current knowledge in literacy and numeracy. The program helps children work on their phonic skills through learning letters and their sounds, the children are exposed to sounding out blends and consonants which helps them gain their first few steps in helping them to read.

The school program begins to familiarize children with everyday frequent language such as; the, and, am, going etc.

This will enable them to learn to recognize these sight words in their everyday environment and more importantly in their reading. Learning sight words also benefits young children to extend on their vocabulary and improve their language skills.

The program allows the Children to explore these sight words through daily learning activities such as open discussions about their definitions, writing these words and more importantly constructing sentences using these words (this helps children learn to use these words in the right context). Learning sight words is the foundation for young children to be on the right path to read in the future.

The school program focuses on the writing aspect for children, the program enables the children to refine and practice their writing skills and letter.

The school program focuses on the writing aspect for children, the program enables the children to refine and practice their writing skills and letter formation through writing exercises – such as writing sights words and constructing sentences.

The program gives children the opportunity for children to explore the structure of a sentence and practice learning how to use correct punctuation within their writing skills. This will help acquire the children’s writing skills and provide them with the essential foundations with their writing in the future.

On the other hand the school program also focuses on children’s numeracy skills, children will begin to learn mathematical application skills.

Their current knowledge on numbers, shapes and sequential counting, are applied to everyday mathematical problems. Children will learn to apply mathematical strategies over a wide spectrum of mathematical sub strands.

They will specifically focus on the following mathematical sub strands; working mathematically. Recording Data, measurement, Number- whole numbers, addition and subtraction multiplication and division. Throughout these sub strands they will learn to apply strategies, use reasoning, communicate and reflect using every day mathematical language.

This school program is founded on the EYLF framework- EYLF’s aim is to extend on and enrich children’s learning.

The school program in particular relates to outcome 4- children becoming confident and involved learners. Children are encouraged within the program to discuss their ideas and understandings. The program also enables children’s learning to be intentionally scaffolded in order to help them reach beyond their current knowledge and discover new meanings and understandings.

The program also connects with Outcome 5- children are effective communicators. Children need language modelled to them in order to encourage them to better express themselves for a range of purposes/contexts. They also need to communicate their experiences, ideas and understandings in order to extend on their vocabulary.

The school program also coincides with the NQF, in particular Quality Area 1

which states that it is vital that educators design a program that extends on children’s current knowledge.

The school program is very responsive to each child’s educational needs and provides intentional teaching/scaffolding to enhance and maximise children’s learning abilities.

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