School trips are one of the things our children as well as parents look forward to at Marys kindy. A school trip provides a venue of learning that answers both children’s natural inclination to know more about things while catering to their short attention spans. School trips are also one of the ways to demonstrate to children that learning is possible outside of the classroom.

Over the past 12 month our children have been to:


Our 2016 Art Show was based around nature and individualism...

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2015 Graduation & Xmas Party

Our 2015 Graduation and Xmas party with our great parents an..

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Marys Kindy – CBD Centre

Our CBD location has a lovely homely feeling where children ..

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2015 Excursion

2015 Excursion to Sydney Aquarium & Wildlife Park..

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2015 Art Show

2015 Art Show..

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2014 Art Show

Marys Kindy 2014 Art Show..

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We strive to differentiate ourselves from other centers within the industry and give you the peace of mind that your child will not be looked at as a number.

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