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At Marys Kindy Haberfield we believe that true care and love can only be given to our children, parents as well as staff by having the owner involved in all aspects of the day to day running of the centre. We are proud that Mary herself works full day shifts at our Haberfield location 5 days of the week for 52 weeks of the year. All parents have access to Mary not only during the working hours but also weekends and nights.

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Highly Recommended

We are proud to say that our pre-school program has been recognised by primary schools in the local area as one of the best and that we are highly recommended to their parents and staff.

Kindy Haberfield caters for kids of all ages, from newborns to the way through to fives years of age. Our child care centre also has an open plan layout with both an indoor area and a simulated outdoor area. The focus at our child care centre is to get our children ready for school by building their confidence through one-on-one teaching.

Recommended by Local Schools
4 to 1 Child to Teacher Ratio
1 on 1 Teaching
Confidence Building
Loved by Parents

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